I learned how to study.



I entered Kobe Gakushu-in in my second year at Nagamine Junior High School. Before that I was struggling with my studies of school since I was in the process of learning Japanese. Also, not having the habit of studying on my own, it was hard to keep up with my school work. When I entered Kobe Gakushu-in, the teachers kindly taught me, and I learned how to study. My grades started to rise at a steady pace, and further more my Japanese got better as well. There were changes not only in my studies, but also in my social life. I made new friends, which also brightened my school life. Kobe Gakushu-in was a huge part of my middle school life, and I’m very glad that I was able to study there.


長峰中学校卒業生 T. C.さん